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  • Around the clock repair team
  • Air conditioning fitters
  • Heating analysis and repair
  • Duct cleaning
  • Filter changing and repairs
  • Sales
  • Commercial and residential AC repair

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Are you looking at the electric bill or gas bill every month thinking why is this going up so much? It’s not only the utility companies that are pushing up the prices it could also be your furnace and air conditioning system running inefficiently. If the system has to work overtime due to poor maintenance it will really but a strain on it and push up the running prices.

By having our air conditioning and heating engineers come out and give your system a tune up we can check for problems and fix everything there and then, what we will include in the service is.
  • - Clean the furnace ignition system
  • - Check the furnace for damage
  • - Make sure the safety features are working
  • - Check connections are in order
  • - Lube any moving parts
  • - Look over the installation job
  • - Add any extra protective material if needed
  • - Change out old air filters
  • - Check if any fluids need refilling

As you can see from just a few noted points above we really go in-depth in to making sure the system works with ease.

Another great idea is if you have solar technology you can use this to run the air conditioning and save a vast amount of money on bills. It’s surprisingly easy and our air conditioning technicians can come out and give you some advice and a price on how to hook up the system so you are saving money.

One of the most common issues with Air conditioner systems are over use in the summer, if you have a unit running night and day on a 24 hour cycle you will find it will freeze up. Older systems are very prone to this and if you have some parts that are faulty in the system or had a major lack of service to the unit you will soon find the system will slowly start to break down on you. If you find this is happening to you at any point then please feel free to get in touch with us and one of our engineers will come and take a look at it and give you a quote.


"After having a stressful day I got home to find the air conditioning system was bust, I knew I needed it fixed straight away because I had a big meeting the next day and I need a good night’s sleep. Air Conditioning Granada Hills came out at about 7pm and had the unit working again by 8pm, thank you so much guys"
- Bill Johnson
"I waited slightly to long to get my AC fixed and ended up wrecking my condenser, I had a number of quotes but everything was crazy. I called Air conditioning Granada Hills and they gave me the best price a person could wish for. The part was replaced and they serviced my system and now its working great"
- Diana Yee
"Because these guys offer 24 hour emergency service it’s really convenient, we needed some work done after hours and they obliged no problem"
- Jose Lopez


We love helping our residential clients out in Granada Hills with air conditioning and heating needs. Any time of day we are here to listen to the issues and help

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Business and clients come first, we know that motto and respect that our commercial clients live by this motto. That’s why we offer 24 hour repair service of your air conditioning and heating system needs to keep customers happy

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